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Writing and Translation

writing advice and business promotion


Do you want to enhance your brand name by showcasing your best practice or innovation? Do you want to improve your organization by spreading knowledge within it more effectively? Do you want an objective overview of shareholder interests to make executive decision making easier?

CCC offers writing services tailored to your needs: white papers; case studies; simulations, role plays, and other exercises; journalistic features, interviews, and commentaries.

CCC has rich experience in business and journalistic writing. Its work appears in international and Chinese media like the Financial Times, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, and World News Journal (a Xinhua newspaper).

If you want positive exposure in English or Chinese, please make contact.


CCC offers professional editing in both English and Chinese. Whether you want well-written marketing copy, business communication, or scholarly work, we make sure it is it lucid, fluent, and stylish. Our editors are native speakers with years of experience also as writers themselves.


CCC provides quality translation service between Chinese and English. Our translators are all native speakers of the target language checked by native speakers of the source language. Any CCC translator assigned has knowledge commensurate with the item to be translated.


CCC also provides consecutive interpretation from English to Chinese and vice versa for conferences, meetings, lectures, presentations, visits, and leisure events. Our interpreters have years of experience translating for businesses, governments, and individuals. We guarantee appropriate dress and protocol.