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Tao Yue publishes regularly in English- and Chinese-language newspapers, magazines, and multimedia on culture, business, and society. Her debut novel Red Cricket about a Chinese expatriate’s homecoming self-rediscovery appeared in China in June 2012. The Dutch translation Schemering boven Shanghai and English translation Shanghai Blue appeared in 2015. Her guidebook Study in the Netherlands (Shanghai 2004) stresses intercultural accommodation and is widely used by Chinese students. Her Harvard Business Review case study Is Holacracy for Us? (co-authored with Erik Roelofsen) addresses the dilemma between control and autonomy and catches wide attention in the business world.    

Tao Yue's books can be found at her author website

Her Harvard Business Review case study can be found here.

Her Chinese essays and commentaries can be found at Holland Online.  

           Tao Yue's publication about cultural adaptation in China                                


A selection of Tao’s publications include:  

"Is Holacracy For Us?" Harvard Business Review. March-April, 2017.

Shanghai Blue. London: World Editions, November 2015. 

Schemering boven Shanghai. Breda: Uitgeverij De Geus, January 2015. 

“When Cultural Pride Meets Globalization" (in Chinese). Holland Online, May 2014.

"Kromkommer Social Enterprise" (in Chinese). Holland Online, April 2014.

"ING Took Care and Time Over Merger Implementation." Financial Times, 8 July 2013. 

 "Who Am I?", The Mothers' Bridge of Love, March 2013. 

"Nederland, Wo Ai Ni: Chinese Writer Lulu Wang's New App Book" (in Chinese). Radio Netherlands Worldwide, February 2013. 

“How Koppert Cress Cultivated Growth.” Financial Times, 5 November 2012.

“Inequality in an Egalitarian Country” (in Chinese). Radio Netherlands Worldwide, October 2012.  

“Democracy in and out of the Bedroom” (in Chinese). Radio Netherlands Worldwide, October 2012.

Red Cricket (in Chinese). Guangzhou: Huacheng Publishing House, June 2012.

“China Buying up Europe: Hope or Fear?” (in Chinese). Radio Netherlands Worldwide, March 2012.  

“Chinese Cultural Taking over the World: Fantasy or Threat?” (in Chinese). Radio Netherlands Worldwide, December 2011.  

“‘As Long as We Legally Cover Our Ass, We Will Have No Trouble’: Think Again: When Doing Business in China, Only the Most Skillful Improvisers Will Survive: Interview with Tao Yue.” By Christine Højlund Andersen. SCENARIO, December 2010: 46-48.

“China Impressions: A Short Look at Modern Chinese Culture.” SIETA EUROPA Newsletter, March 2010: 7-8.

“The Daunting Task of Chinese Firms Going Global.” RSM Centre on China Business: February 2010. 

“Western Leftists Misconceive China” (in Chinese). World News Journal, 27 March 2007: 11.

“Economic Boom Belies Cultural Embarrassment” (in Chinese). World News Journal, 20 March 2007: 11.

“Fiction is Philosophy: Interview with Lulu Wang.” International Institute for Asian Studies Newsletter, no. 43 (February 2007): 15.

“De nieuwe Chinezen – Een Grote Sprong Voorwaarts of Achterwaarts?” De Gids, October 2005: 878-885.

“The New Chineseness: Great Leap Forward or Backward?” International Institute for Asian Studies Newsletter, no. 37 (June 2005): 7.  

Studying in the Netherlands Handbook (in Chinese). Shanghai: Haiwen Audio-Video Publishing House, 2004.

“On the Manifest and Latent Functions of the Mistress.” International Institute for Asian Studies Newsletter, no. 35 (November 2004): 28.  

‘‘‘I Write with My Body.’’’ International Institute for Asian Studies Newsletter, no. 34 (July 2004): 4-5.