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CCC offers 4 main kinds of services:






Chinese business people wearing masks

Are you doing business in China? Do you consider entering the Chinese market? Do you work with Chinese counterparts face-to-face or virtually? Whatever your transaction with or prior knowledge of China, our China Business Culture program will help you make the best of opportunities for success by dealing with Chinese more confidently and effectively.

Besides introducing the essentials of Chinese business culture, this program builds up four kinds of intercultural competence—intercultural sensitivity, intercultural communication, building commitment, and managing uncertainty.

By improving your competence in these areas, you will

  • Become aware of the cultural assumptions behind your and their behavior;
  • Communicate effectively with Chinese business partners, employees, clients, and suppliers face-to-face or virtually;
  • Understand how business relationships in China are established and maintained;
  • Detect problems early when they are still soluble.


work place diversity, work across cultures and business etiquette

Does your company operate in China? Do you manage Chinese employees face-to-face or virtually? Do you sometimes feel communication with Chinese employees is suboptimal but cannot quite put your finger on the problem? If so, you may consider our Western Business Culture program. It will not only help you understand issues between you and your Chinese employees, but also help them see the situation from your point of view so you both can adapt accordingly.

Besides introducing the essentials of Western business culture, this program builds up four kinds of intercultural competence—intercultural sensitivity, intercultural communication, building commitment, and managing uncertainty.

By improving employees’ competence in these areas, it will help them

  • Grasp the cultural assumptions behind your and their behavior;
  • Communicate effectively with Western colleagues face-to-face or virtually;
  • Be more assertive and proactive in business situations
  • Be valuable members of a multicultural team.


business travel advices

Moving to China? Excited but anxious? Our Expatriate Relocation Coaching gives you a realistic picture of work and life there, helps you relieve the tension of cultural transition, and trains you to cope with culture shock.

By following our program, you and your family will understand today’s China and the history behind it; learn to live safely, healthily, and happily in an alien environment; develop communication and social skills to integrate into local society; and learn how to enjoy a successful career in a predominantly Chinese business environment.


All our programs are tailored to to fit your needs—leadership, communication, negotiation, teambuilding, market entry, mergers and acquisitions, or setting up a joint venture. You will also get practical tips on what to do and avoid when dealing with Chinese plus the chance to discuss challenges you face doing business with them.

We provide classroom as well as webinar or Skype training that is concrete, practical, and elementary or advanced, depending on your prior knowledge. We use case studies, roleplaying, and various interactive exercises—not just theory. The case studies are based on real-life situations. 

We also offer the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC), a leading online device to assess your intercultural aptitude and flexibility. Individual coaching follows the assessment.

All training by whatever method is in Chinese or English.


business strategy and complexity

Are you an SME looking to do business in China? Are you a multinational corporation trying to sort out a tangled-up business relation? Our China Business Consulting services help lower transaction costs in China and raise the probability that your investments will pay off.

Our team of experts with rich experience in foreign direct investment and an extensive government network in China can help you with the following:

  • Choose the most suitable entry strategy, for example, representative office, joint venture, or wholly owned subsidiary;
  • Resolve complex business issues entailed by mergers and acquisitions or setting up a joint venture;
  • Keep up with fast-changing Chinese government policy;
  • Establish and maintain government relations;
  • Arrange approvals and permits for doing business in China;
  • Manage local headhunting, recruitment, and staff training. 

writing advices and business promotion


Do you want to enhance your brand name by showcasing your best practice or innovation? Do you want to improve your organization by spreading knowledge within it more effectively? Do you want an objective overview of shareholder interests to make executive decision making easier?

CCC offers writing services tailored to your needs: white papers; case studies; simulations, role plays, and other exercises; journalistic features, interviews, and commentaries.

CCC has rich experience in business and journalistic writing. Its work appears in international and Chinese media like the Financial Times, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, and World News Journal (a Xinhua newspaper).

If you want positive exposure in English or Chinese, please make contact.


CCC offers professional editing in both English and Chinese. Whether you want well-written marketing copy, business communication, or scholarly work, we make sure it is it lucid, fluent, and stylish. Our editors are native speakers with years of experience also as writers themselves.


CCC provides quality translation service between Chinese and English. Our translators are all native speakers of the target language checked by native speakers of the source language. Any CCC translator assigned has knowledge commensurate with the item to be translated.


CCC also provides consecutive interpretation from English to Chinese and vice versa for conferences, meetings, lectures, presentations, visits, and leisure events. Our interpreters have years of experience translating for businesses, governments, and individuals. We guarantee appropriate dress and protocol.